Writing Portfolio
Here are a few samples of recent articles. I have a variety of different formats and subjects. Some are based on interviews, others are from my experiences in television and ministry. I write both, technology and inspirational pieces. Most of these have links directly to the publisher's web site. Others have PDFs taken right from the magazine.

Videomaker Magazine
Technologies for Worship Magazine
Into the Wild with Videomaker
A cover feature I did on one of the leading outdoor cinematographers, Gavin Thurston. He's worked on every continent and has worked for Disney Nature, Nova, Nature and many BBC productions. We talked about his many adventures including what it takes to film in the wild on documentaries like "Bears" and "Monkey Kingdom".

Behind the Scenes on
"Diners, Drive-ins and Dives"
A feature I did on the Food Network's popular show with Guy Fieri. I spoke with Citizen Pictures founder Frank Matsen and veteran food television producer Tim McOskar. Both men serve as executive producers on the show. This article will give you all the details on bringing a network reality show to life.

Videomaker Mobile App Buyers Guide
There's an app for everything, right? A lot of research went into this guide to video production on your phone or tablet. The article features apps for each part of the production process including the best apps for scriptwriting, shooting video, editing and getting your video to the web. This will appear in the July issue of the magazine.

Church Production Magazine
Outreach Magazine.com
Reducing Global Poverty
One Camera at a Time
A feature piece on Videomaker founder Matt York, who created a non-profit OMPT to help bring technology to the poorest people. Matt's goal was driven by a desire to put his faith into action. The organization uses micro-production techniques to bring education to some of the poorest rural areas in the Third World.

The Secret to Contentment
I really enjoy writing devotionals for Church Production. This one is based on what I call "The Amen Life." First we find out what "amen" means and then learn how to put it into practice. To live a life of Amen is learning to be content in any situation as the Apostle Paul says.

Think Lego Church
Another devotional that focuses on community. God has designed us to fir together like those iconic plastic bricks. If you feel like you don't fit in, maybe it's time to see what you can learn from Legos.

A Christian's Guide to
Walt Disney World Resort
Social Media Best Practices
I spoke to web leaders for some of the biggest ministries in the US. I wanted to find out how churches can do a better job using social media. This feature has lots of great advice and practical ideas to make church social media...more social.

Thinking in a New Light
I spent a lot of time lighting during my years working in television. This piece is a practical guide for lighting if your church is using video. The common thought is that churches just turn on cameras and the existing lighting will be fine. I point out some practical tips to get the best light for video.
Book Excerpt
It took more than 5 years and a couple of trips to Florida to produce my devotional guide to Disney World. It's a really unique concept. Inside you'll find biblical ties to your favorite rides and attractions from all the lands at Disney World. The excerpt is actually a lesson that didn't make the book's final edit. So it's really a "lost lesson".
Reflections from the Streets
A feature piece I did for the web. This is my reflections on ministering to the homeless in Las Vegas for more than 12 years. This may be my most important piece to date. I defiantly have thoughts that are important to anyone wanting to minister to the homeless.